Meet Our Team: Desiree Quince

Share a bit about yourself. What brought you to home care?

Desiree: Home care is a very rewarding industry to work in. It can be sad sometimes, of course, but it puts a smile on my face knowing that I help people and improve their lives when they need it the most. Making [my clients] smile or just making their day a little easier—it’s the most beautiful feeling and a constant reminder of why I do this! I’ve met so many lovely people since becoming a support worker with The CareSide. I love what I get to do everyday. It requires hard work, responsibility and time management; I’ve experienced tears and laughter in the same day, and I’ve [gained] knowledge that I would not have gained otherwise. I wouldn’t change it for the world. To be a carer and a support worker, you have to have it in your heart. 


Why did you join The CareSide?

Desiree: I lost my grandparents when I was about 9 years old. It was the hardest thing—not just for me, but for my Dad, my siblings and everybody [in our family]. That was the start of my journey of wanting to be a person who is there for others, to be someone they can lean on. I cared for my Nan because she needed help and didn’t know where to turn. Then my Dad took a turn for the worst, and [our family] did what we had to do: we stuck together and soldiered on! I had so much on my plate, and when I suddenly lost my Dad, I was devastated. As difficult as it was, the grief I experienced after losing my grandparents and then father has helped me appreciate the challenges my clients and their families face. Today I’m doing what I love to do by being there when someone needs me. At The CareSide, we might all have different roles, but it’s the teamwork that I love—it’s  the hard working, caring, and empathetic teammates I have behind me that makes it all worthwhile and rewarding.

Meet our team: Desiree Quince shares why she joined The CareSide as a support worker


What’s your favourite part about your job? What’s the most demanding part?

Desiree: My favourite part is meeting all of the different [clients] and hearing their life stories—how they’ve lived, their knowledge, and knowing that I am going to do what I need to do to make their day better. If they are at ease, safe and happy that I’m there, then I’ve done my job. The most demanding part is ensuring I’m always on the ball. I do my best to always follow the care plan and know as much as I can about every client so I can deliver the care they want and need. That means double-checking lists, instructions, and medications; it also means being empathetic. Sometimes I have to put my own feelings aside and do what needs to be done, because that’s my job!


What does a typical workday with The CareSide look like for you?

Desiree: I get up early, check my roster and read the care plans so I know each client’s needs. A typical workday is about being reliable and on time—and being ready for anything. No two days are the same. 


Meet our team: Desiree Quince shares what it's like to work as a carer at The CareSide


Can you share an inspiring or touching story about one of your clients at The CareSide? 

Desiree: I can but I’ll try to be concise. Otherwise, I might be here forever as so many stories come to mind! I met one very special lady named Betty Jean who stole my heart, and I am the luckiest person in the world to have cared for her. It felt like it was her and me against the world: day in, day out, hospital, rehabilitation, hospital, and back home. We did what we needed to do to get through some healthcare challenges that come with ageing. I’ll never forget her—and her shenanigans! She made me the support worker I am today.


Meet our team: Desiree Quince shares a touching story about one of her favourite aged care clients


What’s one thing you’d like everyone to know about carers like yourself? 

Desiree: We do this job because we truly care. If it’s not 100% in your heart then caregiving probably isn’t for you. People need us, and we play a critical role in their individual lives and society overall. 

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