24 Hour Care

Around The Clock High Care Needs

Does Your Loved One Have High Care Needs?



24-hour care is ideal for someone who has around the clock care needs, and whose family does not have the availability or nursing skills to assist them with the level of care that they require.

This is often the case if your loved one:

  • Is leaving the hospital after extensive surgery such as a hip replacement or another orthopaedic procedure;
  • Is very ill but does not want to go to the hospital and is more comfortable at home; or
  • Has a mental health condition and needs constant reassurance and supervision.

For complex cases a 24 hour nurse may be advisable. Don’t risk a readmission to the hospital. It is much less painful and much cheaper for your loved one to have effective clinical care at home and recover properly, than go back for another trip to the hospital to fix a deteriorating condition.

Typically this kind of care is only required for a few weeks, after which care hours can dramatically reduce to support the improved health condition.

During this time of High Care, our focus is to:

  • rebuild strength;
  • rebuild confidence;
  • manage daily living activities;
  • monitor nutritional and fluid intake; and
  • resettle back into the home routine.

What Happens During 24-Hour Care

As most 24-Hour cases have complex care needs, our Nursing team have a significant amount of involvement in supervising the Caregiving team. This oversight ensures that the correct level of care is provided and keeps your loved one safe. Our Active Case Management ensures that your loved one receives the most appropriate and cost-effective care.

During the 24 hour period, our Caregivers and nurses carefully monitor the condition and emotional demeanour of the client. This monitoring is particularly important for people with acute injuries or mental health needs.

Due to the intense amount of care being delivered by our Caregivers, we divide each 24 hour period into three shifts. A different Caregiver is rostered onto each shift to maintain high standards of care throughout the 24 hour period. The care overnight may be an inactive or active, depending on the need. Each client can align the shift start times to suit their family requirements.


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The Benefits of 24-Hour Care



24-hour care can significantly ease the burden on family members during the intense period of recovery. Families often experience stress and burnout trying to care for someone with high care needs.

This intensive kind of care allows your loved one to stay in the comfort and security of their home rather than having to fit into the routine of a clinical hospital or Nursing Home. We can support all of your loved one’s medical needs and enable them to choose their lifestyle and preserve their independence.

The CareSide charges 24-hour care at an hourly rate due to the amount of active care required from each Caregiver.

The Difference Between 24-Hour Care and Live-In Care

24-hour care is not the same as Live-In care. 24-hour care is often short term in nature and is appropriate in situations requiring intensive care. Live-in care is a replacement for going to a nursing home and includes 8 hours of active care in each 24 hour period. For more information on Live-In care, please see our Live-In Care Service.

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