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There are two sides to every story.

Emily Gillett – The Healthcare Expert
Co-founder & COO

The Gilletts have been leaders in general and specialist medical care for decades. Emily’s father, Rob Gillett, served Australian communities as an Occupational Health Physician for more than 30 years.

Emily and her sisters followed in their Dad’s footsteps — Emily earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing and graduate diploma in Occupational Medicine, and she spent nearly 20 years overseeing health and safety operations for companies across Australia. 

But it was actually Emily’s Grandmother, Osra, who truly inspired The CareSide. 

As the matriarch of the Gillett family, Osra was a strong and independent woman late into her 90s. At the age of 98, she started needing assistance, so Emily and her family explored their options.

They weren’t comfortable entrusting Osra’s well-being to any of the available home care providers, and like so many other Australian families, they asked: ‘Who do we turn to now?’

Ultimately, Osra spent six months in a residential facility and passed away there at the age of 99. 

‘If only we knew then what we know now,’ Emily says today. ‘It didn’t have to be that way.’

That experience inspired Emily and her husband, Gareth, to take action. 

They combined their talents and unique areas of expertise and did what they thought was necessary: they founded The CareSide.


Gareth Mahon – The Technology Expert
Co-founder & CEOblank

To make a long story short, management consulting just wasn’t Gareth’s passion. 

Gareth spent many years optimising technology and streamlining processes for major corporations, including KPMG, PwC, ANZ, and medical institutions such as new Hospitals. 

The bureaucratic grind of those positions made it difficult to accomplish anything with any sort of efficiency, and eventually, Gareth had his ‘Aha!’ moment: he realised he could use his technological prowess to make a bigger impact through his own venture. 

Unique skill set in tow, Gareth began searching for entrepreneurial opportunities at exactly the same time Australian healthcare began shifting to a consumer-directed model.

As serendipity would have it, Gareth’s wife, Emily, had an extensive healthcare background — not to mention, her own poor experiences with home care providers that she didn’t want anyone else to endure. 

Gareth began building.

Using the same program that powers tech giants such as Uber and Netflix, Gareth created the framework (and 600,000 lines of code) necessary to launch The CareSide. That technology not only drives the company, its massive scalability and propensity to streamline processes allows The CareSide to pass substantial savings down to care recipients and their families.



The CareSide

There are two sides to every story, and in The CareSide’s case, those sides came together to form something very sincere and special. 

Emily and Gareth officially founded The CareSide in 2017.

The Careside, Emily Gillett, Gareth Mahon

They set out to deliver exceptional care at the best possible value, and today, The CareSide’s care footprint stretches across all of Australia. Sprouting from its entrepreneurial, family-centred roots, Emily and Gareth’s company now provides holistic care to sick, injured, elderly and disabled people throughout the country. 

And it’s still very much a family-first operation.

The Gilletts bring more than 100 years of combined expertise to The CareSide’s advisory board. Gareth’s technology, meanwhile, is the first home-care-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in Australia.

The software streamlines the company’s processes and reduces administrative overhead, empowering The CareSide to deliver on its original promise: provide the highest quality care at the industry’s most affordable price.


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