Why Us?

Because We Are The Best Value Provider In Australia

10 Reasons Why We Are The Best Value

You’ve heard it before. Everyone claims to be different. This time it’s true. We really are.
Here are 10 Reasons why you should choose us.


1. We Give You Better Value For Money.

Everyone wants to get the Best Value for money. You won't find Better Value than us. We guarantee it. Our prices are the Best Value in Australia. Check out our Home Care Provider comparison for details.


2. You Get The Same Carer Each Time

We pride ourselves on the quality of our care. We can only provide you with the best quality care if you get the same carer each time. They have to get to know you to give you the best quality service. You have to be comfortable with your carer.


3. Our Carers Arrive At The Time You Choose

When we say that we are going to be there, we show up on time. We hear so many complaints from clients about providers who don't care about showing up on time. We take our obligations seriously. We show up when we say we will. Unlike other providers, we do not give a 4-hour window when the carer shows up. You choose precisely when you want to receive the visit.


4. There Are No Lock-In Contracts

With our Care Agreement, you can choose as much or as little care as you would like. There are no minimum weekly or daily spends. You can change your care schedule whenever you want. There is no commitment, and therefore no risk on your part. You change the amount of care that suits you at any time.


5. You Receive A 100% Money Back Guarantee

We have so much confidence in the service of our caregivers that If you are not delighted, we will provide a replacement caregiver or refund the cost of the service in full. The quality of our care is our reputation and we stand by it. If you're not happy, we will do everything in our power to change that.


6. We Check To See That You Are Satisfied

One of our Care Managers will reach out to you to weekly to check that everything is going as expected and that you are delighted with our service. We will ask you to fill out a customer satisfaction survey once a quarter so that we can find out exactly how we can serve you better.

The Care Manager will also perform regular surprise audits on the quality of care being delivered by our Caregivers to ensure that proper processes, policies and standards are being followed.


7. We Provide Specialist Training For Caregivers

We take this so seriously that during our interview selection process for caregivers, only one out of every ten qualified people who apply to work with us are selected due to our high technical skill and personality selection standards for all of our Caregivers.

Our caregivers receive ongoing general training and specialised training in our particular program areas. This training includes specialist skills in caring for people with neurological and mobility conditions such as Dementia Care, Alzheimer's Care, Stroke Rehabilitation, Falls Prevention, MS Care and Parkinson's Care.


8. There Are No Hidden Fees

We do not charge joining fees, exit fees, consultation fees or case management fees. We supply you with a dedicated care manager who will provide you with ongoing consultation and support for free. Other providers charge case management fees, but we include this as a part of your ongoing support.


9. Our Services Are Tailored To Your Requirements

Our Services are available from 1 to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for casual, short term or live-in arrangements. Whatever your care requirements, our scheduling can accommodate your unique situation. We have no minimum weekly or monthly usage.


10. We Have A Proven Track Record

With over 100,000 hours of Home Care delivered so far, we have the track record to guarantee the highest levels of client satisfaction. See what people are saying about us. Contact Us

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