Disability Support Services With Dignity

Getting The Support You Need Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

As an Australian living with a disability, you deserve choice, control, and independence. You deserve individualised, comprehensive services that enable you to enjoy the life you want. 

The CareSide offers support services to other Plan Managers and individuals who are self-managing their NDIS funding. 

What is Disability Support?

Under the NDIS scheme, a person with a permanent disability can receive funding to support any needs affected by their disability. These can include a broad variety of services, from therapy and training to nutrition support to help with finding a job.

NDIS funding provides you a personalised support budget that you can use for any approved services. The funding helps build your capacity and gives you flexibility and choice, so you can get the individualised support you need, when you need it. 

The purpose of disability support is to help you achieve your goals for your life – whether that includes working at an interesting job, participating in social activities in your community, or just preparing and enjoying a meal for yourself and your family. 


The CareSide Difference

You have a choice about who provides your support services. We promise the best quality disability support services in Australia, for the best value. Here’s what that means for you:

Support workers who know you

When workers are coming to your home to provide personalised, individual care, one worker isn’t the same as another. That’s why, once you’ve chosen a worker you like, we’ll send the same person for every visit. Your support worker will learn to understand your needs and preferences, so you don’t have to continually adjust to new people entering your home. And if you have specific cultural needs, we can provide support workers who are fluent in your language, are knowledgeable about your culture, and who understand your religious practices and their impact on your care.

Highly-trained support workers who arrive on your schedule

We hire and train all our support workers directly, so we can guarantee the quality of service you’ll receive. We carefully choose support workers based on their caring personalities and technical skills, and then we train them in specialised support services. We guarantee that you’ll get the services you need on a schedule that’s convenient for you. You won’t ever have to wait for your support worker to arrive in a window of time; they’ll come at a specific time that you choose.

Dedicated client service manager

You have the right to self-manage your NDIS budget. However, many people find that managing their funding is complex and difficult, requiring hours of administrative work. To get funding approved for the services you need, you need to understand how to describe your goals and needs using the precise NDIS terminology. That’s why The CareSide will provide you with a dedicated manager for your NDIS budget. Your manager will work with you personally to identify your needs, design your budget, and answer your questions as they arise.

100% money-back guarantee

We’re so confident we provide the best quality disability support services in Australia, we guarantee it. If you’re dissatisfied with your service for any reason, we’ll provide a replacement service for no charge or refund the cost in full — whichever you prefer. We do everything possible to make sure you’re delighted with the quality of our workers and our service.



Disability Services Offered by The CareSide

We offer a wide range of disability services to support your daily activities, grow your capacity skills, and help you be involved in your community. Most of our services are part of your Core Support budget, which means they’re ongoing services you can use continually.

Support for activities of daily living


From housecleaning and meal preparation to hygiene and personal care, our support services help take care of your everyday needs so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Whether you need someone to come once a week to pre-prepare meals or someone to support you with personal hygiene, we’ll help you build an individualised schedule of services that perfectly fits your life.

Skilled nursing care


If you have more complex health needs, our fully-qualified Registered Nurses can provide additional support such as assessments, medication assistance, and wound care.

Respite support

Respite care means more time to take care of yourself

If you have family members who provide continual support for your daily life, respite care can provide additional short-term services, enabling your family to manage other needs or situations that require their attention.

NDIS for Plan and Self-Management

The foundational NDIS Standards define your rights as a participant. Here’s how we implement these standards and protect your rights:

You have a right to support that upholds your human rights and enables you to exercise informed choice and control. This means we will always communicate fully and clearly with you about your needs and our services. We’ll make sure you understand all the services we offer and how we can best support you.

You have the right to support those who respect your individual culture, diversity, values, and beliefs. We can provide support workers who are fluent in your language and familiar with your culture, and we train our workers in culturally-sensitive care. 

You have the right to dignity and privacy. We put consistent processes in place to protect your privacy, and we will never collect any personal information without your permission. 

You have the right to make informed choices, exercise control, and maximise your independence. We always respect your autonomy and encourage you to choose the services that best support your needs.

You have the right to access support free from violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, or discrimination. We have strict policies in place to prevent problems like these, and we will take immediate action if you’re ever concerned about the services you receive. 


What Kind of Disability Support Best Suits Your Needs?

We offer support services for daily living and complex care. 

  • Nutrition support with meal planning and preparation
  • Support with personal hygiene and activities of daily living 
  • Live-in services for ongoing, 24/7 support
  • Skilled nursing care for complex needs

Contact us to learn more about The CareSide’s disability support services.

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