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Live-In Care

A Better Alternative To A Nursing Home

What Is Live-In Care?



Live-In Care enables Elders to remain living safely and independently in their private home for the rest of their life. A live-in carer provides a stable environment in the family home that comforts them with the consistency of a regular daily routine they enjoy.

Elders receive tailored Care in familiar surroundings where they can continue to live the lifestyle they want. Being surrounded by the things they enjoy most about their home – the garden, their pets and their neighbourhood friends, gives them a feeling of belonging and security.

Live-In Care is an affordable and satisfying alternative to a Nursing Home. There is no emotional stress of packing up one’s entire life. We personalise a Care Plan to your Loved One’s Lifestyle, and we regularly review it as their needs change. We ensure that your Loved One, your family and their doctor all agree on the Care Plan.

Elders remain in control of their lifestyle. Once people experience Live-In Care, they understand that there is no compelling reason to leave their home for Residential Care.

Over time, they can be cared for and supported after a health crisis to live the final years of their life in privacy and with dignity through quality Home Care.

We respect that your Loved One’s home is their Castle. We support their position of authority by always letting them be the boss and never taking over. We support their preferences and let them run the house the way they like.

Your Loved One is treated with genuine Care, dignity and respect.

Would You Rather Stay At Home As You Age?

Have you been told that your Loved One has to go into Residential Care, but they would much rather stay at home? With The CareSide Live-In Care Services, there never has to come a time when your Loved One is forced to leave their home if they do not want to.

Nobody should have to live in a place where they are unhappy when there is a cost-effective and straightforward alternative. The CareSide provides personalised care for your loved one in the comfort and familiarity of their home that is an alternative to the kind of care offered in a Nursing Home.

Moving into a small room in a Nursing Home may be a difficult transition for some people. Elders are often grieving from several losses at the same time. Close friends may be passing away; they may be losing physical abilities or cognitive function, or their lifelong spouse may have recently died. Amongst all of this upsetting change, having to uproot their life and move into a lonely single room will be another cause of “loss” and may result in grief and depression.

If you are being pressured to make a quick decision, then call us today to discuss your options. Do not be rushed into a decision. We have emergency care options that will give you time to investigate the right solution to your loved one’s situation.


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Common Risks And Issues With Residential Care


Lack Of Freedom

Being confined in an institution gives your Loved One limited personal choice. They don’t get to do things their way. They are bound by rigid policies, routines and rules and must live the way the facility management dictates.


Lack Of Control

As an adult, it is normal that you are in control of your environment. You live your life your way. You make the rules in your home. In a Nursing Home, Seniors live in a sterile environment and often have high levels of boredom. They become disengaged, confused and anxious. They often experience feelings of deep rejection.


Low Levels Of Care

According to a recent study, Australian Nursing Home residents on average receive 2.8 hours of direct care per 24-hour period. With The CareSide Live In Care, you receive at least 8 hours of Active Care per 24 hour period. That is almost three times as much care for a much lower cost without having to pay a bond worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Lack Of Companionship

In a Nursing Home, residents are attended to by many different staff members during a 24 hour period which does not give them a chance to bond and become comfortable with their Caregivers. At The CareSide, your Love One has the same Caregiver for several days in a row. This arrangement facilitates the Elder relaxing and being on friendly and trusting terms with their Caregiver.


Higher Risk Of Injury

According to a recent study, Nursing Homes have a 30% higher falls rate than Elders living at home. The CareSide has a specialised Falls Prevention Program that will drastically reduce the likelihood of a fall and keep your Loved One safe and out of the hospital.

The Benefits of Live-In Care

Immediate Care


When you decide that your Loved One needs more Care than you can provide, often the option of a Nursing Home is considered. However, the process for selecting an appropriate facility and waiting for a bed to become available is time-consuming and complicated.

With Live-In Care, Carers can be selected to match your Loved One’s requirements and preferences immediately. There are no waiting lists. The Caregiving and most importantly, your peace of mind can start straight away.

Stability And Consistency


Live-In Care creates the most consistent and stable environment. Elders who live at home are typically happier, physically and mentally healthier, and more socially active.

The same two CareSide Caregivers deliver consistent quality care throughout the week. This consistency enables deep personal bonds to form and results in happier and more relaxed Elders.

With Live-In Care, your Loved One does not have to pack up and move. Moving is one of the most emotionally stressful events an adult can experience. Elders who are already going through so much change find it particularly stressful. Live-In Care eliminates the stress on you, your loved one and the entire family.

Stay Connected With Friends & Family


Staying at home enables your Loved One to remain part of their local community and close to their family and friends. The home environment keeps them connected and involved with the important people in their lives.

Friends are much more likely to visit them at home, as visiting a facility with strangers displaying disturbing behaviour can be confronting. The more private and comfortable it is to visit the Elder, the more often people will want to come to visit.

Keep Your Privacy


In large institutions, staff are always turning over. There are always new faces. There is a revolving door of other families and their friends. It is challenging to maintain privacy in these environments.

With one-on-one personal Care, your Loved One’s privacy and dignity are guaranteed. We give you space when you need it.

Live Life Your Way


Your Loved One can live their life their way on their terms in their home, where they are the boss. They can get out of bed when they feel like it, not when other people wake them up. They can have breakfast when they are ready, not when staff are rushing them to finish the breakfast shift.

With Live In Care, there is no rush. You live life at your pace and take the time to enjoy things. Your Elders have the freedom to choose how they will spend their days. They remain in charge of their life.

With Live In Care, you don’t need to make any compromises. You get to choose the way you spend your time. You can choose the kind of meals you like (including cultural and national considerations), when you like to eat them, the music you want to listen to, where you go, and who you visit.

Live With Your Spouse


Imagine having to live separately from your spouse after decades together!

With The CareSide Live-In Care, Elders continue to live at home with their spouse, as is their right.

People’s relationships determine their quality of life. The more their relationships can stay intact, the happier they will be.

Keep Your Pets


The family pets are a vital part of the household. Pets are known to have many health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and helping with anxiety. Pets can be a great source of joy and comfort.

As the Elderly have less to fill their day, quite often their daily routine revolves around spending time with their pet. With Live-In Care, they can keep their pets close to them, and their relationship with their pet will continue to provide a great deal of joy and comfort to them.

The Best Quality Care


Live-In Care provides the best quality long term care because it’s one-on-one Care.

As our Caregivers observe your Loved One Day-in and Day-out, they notice any behavioural or health changes. Close supervision by professionals who know you well is only available through Live-In Care. This kind of health monitoring in an institutional setting is not possible due to the high staff turnover.

The CareSide Difference


How much does live-in care cost? Live-In Care Services are available through a My Aged Care approved Home Care Package, or through private services.  Live-In Care is  commonly used in Level 3 and Level 4 Home Care Packages, and the current subsidy is between $33,638 p.a. and $50,991 p.a. If you do not yet have a Home Care Package and think you may be eligible for one, Contact Us, and we will help you apply for one immediately.

The CareSide is an approved government provider of Home Care Packages. Our Mission is to provide you with the Best Value Home Care in WA. Our service prices are 30%-50% lower than other providers due to our low management and administration fees. This means you could receive double the amount of care, support and benefits with us.

We do not outsource labour-hire or subcontract through other agencies so you won’t get  strangers arriving on your doorstep. If you already have a Carer or know someone who you would like to be your Carer, you can have them too. We can employ Carers from other providers, which is your right under Home Care legislation, and we can onboard and certify family members and friends if appropriate.

We schedule your Carer at the time that you want them. Unlike other providers who schedule Care within a 4-hour window, with us, you can choose the exact times of the day that you would like your Home Care. This gives you the flexibility to plan your day with confidence.

If you have a Home Care Package, you can choose to have No Out Of Pocket expenses with us. We will not force you to top up your package, pay the daily contribution fee, or pay the Income Tested Fee. You can have More Care, For Half the price, with No Out Of Pocket Expenses.

After doing your research, you may find yourself now wondering, “how do I get a live-in carer?” Simply click the button below to start the process.

How Live-In Care works

To develop a trusting relationship with your Loved One, we rotate two Live-In Caregivers over the course of a week. This enables them to provide a very high level of personalised one-on-one care. Typically, the first Caregiver will work four days, and the second Caregiver will work three days. This allows our live-in carers to provide high quality overnight home care for the elderly, while allowing them to maintain their own lives. They sleep overnight at home and return to their own homes at the end of their rota and then come back again the following week. When either Caregiver goes on holidays or is sick, they cover for each other’s shifts or a third Live In Carer covers in their absence.

Our live-in care services aren’t one-size-fits-all- we document your Loved One’s living preferences, likes and dislikes so that each Caregiver knows how to do things the way your Loved One likes them done. Clients do not have to adhere to a rigid regime; they remain in control of how they live. We work with their preferences and requirements to ensure that they are always happy.

We provide a minimum of 8 hours of active direct care during a 24 hour period. For most of the remainder of the time, we are close at hand to provide assistance as needed.

Our Caregiver usually sleeps through the entire night, so they are refreshed to care for their client the next day. However, if the client needs assistance with toileting or for short periods of time during the night, our Caregiver is available. If an Elder becomes disorientated during the evening, they will be re-assured and re-settled back to bed.

Sometimes Seniors don’t feel like talking and retreat into themselves. By having the same tightly-knit care team, they know and understand the moods and emotions of their clients, and they can better manage their anxiety levels.

For the privacy and security of our clients, we don’t advertise to their neighbours and community by driving branded cars. Our Caregivers are discreet so as not to highlight our client’s circumstances.

We give the client privacy and space during a social visit from family or friends by getting them settled and comfortable and then leaving the room.

For examples of typical activities and services delivered during both the day and night, please see the pages on Companion CarePersonal Care and Nursing Care. If you have any questions, please Contact Us to discuss them, or download our Free Guide To Live In Care below which contains the details of Live-In Care at Home.

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