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The Benefits Of Companion Care

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Companionship Care is more important than you may realize. Studies show that along with regular exercise, enough sleep and proper nutrition, an essential factor in staying happy and healthy as we get older is regular social interaction with other adults.

People who live alone often experience feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression, which may have a severe impact on their already fragile health. Depression and cognitive decline are issues commonly faced by the elderly.

Having regular social contact with a friendly home companion can dramatically improve the quality of life of an elderly person.

Companionship is an essential part of Senior Care, not just because Caregivers assist with routine daily tasks such as housework and personal hygiene, but also because they provide a meaningful human connection that significantly improves the quality of life.

As adults, we are used to interacting with many people each day. Friends, family and co-workers all provide some degree of companionship which we may sometimes take for granted. However, for the elderly, the opportunities for making social connections can diminish due to restricted mobility outside their home.

Companion Care at home can encourage self-confidence and independence, and give people the feelings of social connection that we all need.

Companionship Care At The CareSide

Home Companion Services are available through a My Aged Care approved Home Care Package, or through private services.

Companion Care is commonly used in Level 2 Home Care Packages, and the current subsidy is $15,458 p.a. If you do not yet have a Home Care Package and think you may be eligible for one, Contact Us, and we will help you apply for one immediately.

We will give you the Home Companion that you want, and better yet, you will have the same Carer each visit. Unlike other providers, we employ all of our Carers, so you won’t get  strangers arriving on your doorstep. If you already have a Carer or know someone who you would like to be your Carer, you can have them as well. We can employ Carers from other providers, which is your right under Home Care legislation, and we can onboard and certify family members and friends if appropriate.

We schedule your Carer at the time that you want them. Unlike other providers who schedule Care within a 4-hour window, with us, you can choose the exact times of the day that you would like your Home Care. This gives you the flexibility to plan your day with confidence.

If you have a Home Care Package, you can choose to have No Out Of Pocket expenses with us. We will not force you to top up your package, pay the daily contribution fee, or pay the Income Tested Fee. You can have More Care, For Half the price, with No Out Of Pocket Expenses.

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Companion Care Activities

Below are some common examples of activities available with Companion Care from The CareSide.

Any of these elderly companion services can be included in your individualised Care Plan.
If you are interested in any other kinds of services or activities which are available under a HomeCare Package, including Personal CareNursing CareRespite CareLive In Care or 24 x 7 Care, please Contact Us to discuss them.

Companionship & Socialising


This is what Companionship Care is all about! If your loved one enjoys less physically demanding activities, our Caregivers have lots of fun things to do together such as solving puzzles, playing board games, baking, watching movies, researching their family history, crafting, scrapbooking, chatting about current events and reading together.

If they like to get out and about, our Caregiver can assist them with light gardening, gentle walking and escort them to social outings with their friends.

We are also able to take care of all laundry needs. Our Carers perform washing, drying, ironing, folding, sorting and putting away fresh clothing, bed and bath linen.

Light Housekeeping


One of the most common accidents that Seniors experience is a fall in the home. These can often be prevented by ensuring that the home is kept clean, tidy and free of clutter.

Our Caregivers are available to do light housekeeping such as bed making, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, dishwashing, cleaning kitchens, tidying all rooms, organising closets and cleaning windows.

We are also able to take care of all laundry needs. Our Carers perform washing, drying, ironing, folding, sorting and putting away fresh clothing, bed and bath linen.

Medication Reminders


By law, Caregivers cannot administer medications. However, they can assist in ensuring that medication is taken appropriately as prescribed by a doctor.

The Caregiver can remind when to take the medication, read the small print on labels, open difficult medication containers and record what medications have been taken in a journal.

We keep your loved one safe by monitoring for any adverse reaction after taking their medications.

Meal Preparation


Everyday tasks such as preparing healthy meals can be challenging work for seniors. Our Caregivers can plan the weekly menu and cook delicious meals to meet general or specific nutritional and dietary needs.

We encourage your loved ones to work alongside their Caregiver in the kitchen as this is an excellent opportunity to promote physical mobility and for engaging in stimulating conversation. Our Caregiver will share a meal if invited, or just keep them company while they have their meal.

If your loved one wants to simply reheat a meal, we provide package meals that are nutritious and tasty.

Shopping & Errands


Our Caregivers can help by accompanying your loved one during shopping trips. They will plan the trip, assist them into and out of the car, carry their bags around for them and unpack the shopping once the trip is finished.

If your loved one would rather stay at home, our Caregivers can do the shopping or run errands for them.



Getting out and about can be difficult for Seniors, especially if they no longer hold a valid drivers license or find public transport overwhelming.

Leaving their home and connecting with the community is an important aspect of emotional wellbeing.

Our Caregivers can provide transportation in their own car, or use yours.

Examples of common trips include visiting the doctor, dentist, pharmacy, hairdresser, beauty salon, cafe and RSL.

Tips On How To Keep Elders Happy and Active

Most Seniors want to stay living at home for as long as possible. It’s important to make sure that they have enough social interaction, which can be challenging if they live alone. Introducing a friendly Caregiver into the home not only helps your loved one with their activities of daily living, but it also provides them with the necessary social stimulation to help them live a much healthier and happier life.

While you try to be with your loved one as often as you can, you can’t be with them all day every day and night. We know that you appreciate the peace of mind to know that they are being cared for when you can’t be there.

Our Companion Care Service has an experienced and qualified Caregiver assist your loved one with any simple domestic activity, which will improve their quality of life dramatically.

Your Loved One may at times be a challenge to communicate with and possibly show signs of anger, aggression, depression or argumentativeness. These are all common behavioural patterns in ageing seniors. There are effective ways to communicate and manage your interactions with challenging elders. If this situation is familiar to you, Contact Us and we will coach you in some effective techniques.

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