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The CareSide offers the best value for in-home care in Melbourne and across Victoria. We’re an approved provider for Home Care Packages and  CHSP services. We guarantee the best value home care services, with no hidden fees. Other home care providers in Melbourne often charge high package management fees and lock you into contracts that are difficult to exit. Not The CareSide. We guarantee the best value for in-home care in Melbourne by keeping our administrative costs low so your money goes directly to your care.

We Guarantee the Best Value Home Care in Victoria

We charge up to 70% lower fees than other home care package providers. That means giving you an average of 30-50% more hours of care for the same Home Care Package. We can do this because of our custom software, which we designed specifically to manage the administration of Australian Home Care Packages. Our streamlined systems mean we can focus on hiring and training the best carers in Melbourne, communicating with you about your needs and services, and providing the highest level of home care.

Compare Home Care Providers in Melbourne: The CareSide Difference

Our customers say we “put the CARE back in aged care.” We never use third-party carers or outside agencies. We hire all our in-home carers directly, and we provide them continued training in both general and specialised care. We send you the same carer every time, so your carer can create rapport and trust, understand your needs and preferences, and build a personal connection with you. We schedule services and visits at your convenience, at a precise time instead of a four-hour window, so you never have to wait for your carer to arrive.

In addition, our low administrative costs mean we can include more in home care services than other senior home care companies. Because there are fewer high-level Home Care Packages available than people who need them, many aged Australians in Melbourne have to make do with a lower level package while they wait for their approved level to become available. With The CareSide, because we offer more hours of care for the same package level, you can still get the care in the home you need – even if you’re waiting for a higher package. For example, our level one package includes an average of ten hours of care. That’s more hours than most providers offer for a level 2 package! Learn more about how our value compares here.

“An excellent and a transformational improvement from our previous service provider. Carers are courteous, respectful, on-time and provide good care services.” – Mike

What is Home Care?

There’s no place like home, and most aging Australians prefer to age in place rather than moving to an aged care facility. Home care enables you to keep the comforts of your home and the familiarity of your neighborhood and community, providing you the extra support you need to continue to live independently.

If you live in Melbourne and are over age 65, you may qualify for a Home Care Package, a government subsidy that you can use to pay for care in your home. Aged care services can be as simple as an occasional visit from a carer who helps you with transportation and shopping as your mobility changes, or it could be a full-time live-in carer with additional professional nursing support for your complex health needs.

The CareSide is a fully approved Home Care Package provider with My Aged Care. We offer services for every level of home care, from simple aged care help like a companion carer who can help with light duties around your house, to fully-qualified registered nurses who can manage special health needs such as medications or wound care.

Melbourne Aged Care: Which Services are Right for You?

No matter whether you need a few hours of support with daily activities or full-time care for complex needs, The CareSide offers compassionate, trained caregivers at the best value in Victoria. We’re so confident you’ll love our service, we offer a money-back guarantee: if you aren’t completely happy with the care and support you receive from us, we’ll refund your money in full. Contact us today to learn how we can serve your needs for aged care or disability support services in Melbourne.

Learn more about the various Melbourne home care services offered by our highly trained in-home carers throughout Victoria below:


The CareSide in Melbourne

The CareSide was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing the best value homecare in Australia. From our home office in Perth, we’ve been providing self-managed care to all Australians, along with fully managed care in Western Australia and recently South Australia. In 2021, we launched our third office in Melbourne, bringing our cutting edge affordable approach to in-home care to residents of Victoria.

As one of Australia’s top home care agencies, over the past few years we’ve provided over 100,000 hours of quality care to our satisfied clients. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get the support you need to live comfortably at home, contact us to chat with one of our nurses and get a free consultation about your care needs.

We look forward to serving your home care needs in Melbourne.

Contact us to learn more. 

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