How ‘The CareSide Makes it Happen’ for Jack and Brenda Little

When Jack Little’s wife Brenda was awarded a Level 4 Home Care Package in February 2020, Jack was determined to do his research before he chose a provider. He wasn’t happy with the provider they’d been using for home care, and with the level of services that Brenda needed, small mistakes had a big impact. Brenda needed daily help with personal care, and they also needed weekly visits to help with house cleaning and maintenance that Jack wasn’t able to manage.

'I just wanted someone who could provide all the services we required.'

When they’d first begun paying out of pocket for home care, Jack found a provider that seemed like a good option for their needs. But after a few months of care visits, Jack remembers, ‘the service levels just dropped.’ Carers didn’t show up on time, or the provider would contact them to cancel or change appointments at the last minute. Jack’s physical limitations made it difficult for him to help Brenda with basic daily tasks such as showering and getting dressed, so a late or cancelled carer visit meant changing their entire schedule for the day. Jack was also frustrated with the lack of consistency – it seemed to be a new, different carer showing up every week, and they were never able to build relationships with carers who could grow to understand their individual preferences and needs. 

After their frustrating experience with their first provider, Jack took his time to shop around before choosing a new one. He called five different home care providers to discuss his wife’s needs and find the best fit. One concern he had was fees, which he’d heard were high: he wanted to be sure their package would be enough to cover all the care Brenda needed. ‘I just wanted someone who could provide all the services we required’, Jack says, highlighting their need for a provider who was absolutely reliable. 

Since this was the Little’s first time receiving a home care package, they didn’t know what to expect regarding management fees or availability of funding. ‘I didn’t know what we could use the funding for’, Jack says. He had a lot of questions about the flexibility of funds and the services that would be available to them. 

When Jack signed a contract with The CareSide, he felt confident that he’d chosen the right provider for Brenda’s care – but he didn’t know how quickly his decision would be put to the test.

'They just make it happen'

With their old provider, Littles had gotten used to their carers’ schedules changing last-minute, but they didn’t anticipate that now they would be the ones making unexpected changes. When Brenda experienced a health decline that meant she had to go to hospital for a few weeks, Jack was impressed with how easy it was with The CareSide to put her care services on hold. And when he realized she would need more care visits after she was discharged, he was delighted with how quickly The CareSide was able to accommodate the change. He could only give the provider a few days’ notice that Brenda was coming home and that she would now need a second daily visit for personal care, but, he remembers, ‘they were very good about reinstating our services with little notice’ – and seamlessly adding an additional daily visit. 

Jack was also pleased with how easy it was to make short-term changes in Brenda’s care when necessary. When he had to go to hospital unexpectedly and wasn’t able to be with Brenda during the day for a few weeks, he was worried she wouldn’t get the care she needed. But a quick call to The CareSide quickly eased his concerns with the scheduling of a third daily care visit while he would be gone. 

With their old provider, the Littles felt they were at the mercy of the provider’s schedule, with frequent unexpected changes they couldn’t control. Now, they have control over scheduling the care they need. ‘When we need to cancel at short notice or we need to make one-off changes’, Jack says, ‘they just make it happen’.

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