7 Ways to make the most of your Home Care Package

You have great news!

Your HACC package is approved! So now, what do you do?

To get the most out of your home care package funding, it is critical that you consider the following seven things.

1. What are your goals?
Some packages allocate funding towards specific purposes.  Do you need any specific equipment? Do you need any specialised services? Think about your particular goals and consider the various ways in which you might achieve them. Do you know what options you have?

2. Are You Confused?
Do you have a trusted advisor? Do you have any questions? Don’t worry – we’ve heard them all before! The expert team at The CareSide available to help you understand how your funding can best be used to achieve your goals. You should ask lots of questions about what services are possible and what might best help you in your particular situation.

3. Are Things Changing?
Changes in your personal circumstances can affect which services that suit you the best. Do you have a condition that is worsening? Is your partner tired and burned out from caring for you? Are they in Hospital? Do you need assistance to walk now? Whatever the situation, it helps to discuss with your advisor as you may be eligible for extra funding. Starting the process as soon as possible is important because it may take a long time to apply and receive any extra allocation.

4. Consider Alternatives
The more efficient you are in using your package, the further it will go. The cheaper your services are, the more you will be able to use. Are you paying administration fees, exit fees, joining fees, consultation fees, support fees or case management fees? You don’t have to! Not all providers charge these.
Have you considered using volunteer organisations to help you with home maintenance or pet walking?
Be creative!

5. Are you getting the most out of local services?
Local councils may offer free community-based services or may be able to put you in touch with local voluntary groups or associations.  These can be a great way in saving valuable package dollars and getting the most out of the local council rates that you pay!

6. Do you have a budget?
It is important to plan ahead of time exactly how you will spend your funding so that you can get the most from it. Did you know that services cost a lot more on weekends and public holidays? If you plan for this in advance, your package will go much further.

7. Are you getting everything that you need?
With so many services available to you, how do you know which are the best, most high quality, and value for money services to choose? Who can you trust that is on your side and looking out for your best interest?
We act as your advocate and trusted advisor. We have a panel of service providers that we can recommend and refer, who will give you excellent service at a fair price.

For more information about home care, please call one of our friendly nurses on 1300 85 40 80, or explore our website.

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