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Palliative Care

Rest Comfortably In Your Own Home

Would You Like Your Loved One To Complete Their Life Journey In The Comfort Of Their Own Home?

Marion, Anglea and Tiffany

Most palliative care patients wish to be cared for and end their life journey at home.

With the advances in medicine, most of us are living longer and now die an expected death. This provides time for us to plan and communicate with loved ones how we wish to be cared for at our end of life.

Despite this, studies have shown that most of us are not dying the way we wish and continuing to die in the clinical setting of a hospital.

We want to ensure this is not the case, and quality of life is optimised  by end of life care being provided in the warmth and security of your home.

We will work with you, your loved ones and your GP to plan your end of life journey and provide you and your family with the assistance, support and holistic care needed to achieve your goals.

We recognise that each person is unique and we will accomodate individual preferences with dignity and respect.