Home Care Price Comparison

Current as at 1 July 2019

The Service Rates table below are grouped by Service Type and Shift Type. This reflects the structure of the Home Care Services Award 2010, which is applicable for all Home Care Workers in Australia.

The Fees table below includes management, administration and miscellaneous fees.

For an accurate estimate of how many hours of care you may receive per week for a given budget, please Contact Us and we will give you a detailed individual analysis.

An accurate estimate includes all Home Care, Physiotherapist, other Allied Health Professionals, Equipment Hire, Consumables, Travel and discounts for Couples and 24/7 Care.

Home Care Package Expected Hours and Fees

The easiest way to compare prices between providers is to compare the expected Number Of Hours of Care per level of Home Care Package.

The Table below assumes no Cognitive, Veterans, Oxygen or Entral Supplements are applicable. If they are, the number of hours will increase. The expected number of hours includes the admin fee of 10% and is based on Companion Care services.

For a detailed budget, which will include all supplements, third party services, equipment, consumables, travel, income tested fees, daily contributions and discounts, please Contact Us.

Home Care Package Expected Hours Of care

Home Care Package LevelExpected Number Of Hours Per WeekExpected Number Of Hours Per Fortnight
14 to 59 to 10
27 to 814 to 16
313 to 1426 to 28
419 to 2039 to 40

Home Care Package Management Fees

Home Care Package LevelExpected Package Value Per WeekManagement Fee Per WeekExpected Package Value Per FortnightManagement Fee Per Fortnight