Does Your Loved One Want To Live Safely And Independently In Their Own Home?

For many Australians, living at home in the comfort and security of familiar surroundings is a high priority. But as we naturally age and become frail or infirm, this can become challenging. The CareSide understands your loved one's desire to stay close to family and friends and to live independently with dignity and comfort. 

Many Seniors worry about losing their dignity and their independence as they age and become less able to look after themselves. When personal hygiene tasks such as bathing and toileting are no longer able to be accomplished without help, it is often better to have a non-family member assist so that dignity is preserved. 

The CareSide Caregivers are deeply respectful and considerate of our clients' dignity and will assist with discretion in all aspects of the activities of daily living.

The Benefits of Personal Care

After taking care of themselves for all of their adult life, it is stressful and frustrating for Seniors to lose their mobility and independence. It is very important that our Elders remain active and engaged, or they can deteriorate rapidly both physically and cognitively. The CareSide encourages Seniors to take an active role in their well-being by joining our Caregivers in stimulating and enjoyable physical, mental, and social activities. By continuing to enjoy these activities, our Elders lead happier and healthier lives.
Our Personal Care Service involves an experienced and qualified Caregiver assisting your loved one with any of the following activities of daily living which will preserve their dignity and maintain their independence by allowing them to live comfortably in their home.

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Our Caregivers will assist your loved ones to make them look and feel their best.

Proper hygiene and grooming are essential in making people feel good about themselves and improving self confidence.

We can assist in bathing, showering, shampooing, dressing, shaving, hair styling, teeth and denture cleaning, changing of continence products and fitting of personal aids.

We ensure that all safety equipment such as non-slip mats, handrails and proper seating is in place.


disability care

At The CareSide, we understand the sensitive nature of private toileting and continence care for our clients.

Without the proper assistance, people can face health and hygiene issues. Seniors can experience rashes, skin infections, unpleasant odours, internal infections and irritations.

Our Caregivers offer kindness and understand to help preserve the dignity of these normal daily activities. 



 Falls in the home are the most common  and debilitating accidents that Seniors can suffer. They often result in the loss of physical mobility and chronic pain.

Once someone has had a fall, to recover from a fractured hip, shoulder or wrist may include hospitalisation and extended periods of bed rest, which may weaken them even further.

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of a fall is to increase the core strength through exercise. Our Caregivers provide assistance in practical exercises.

The CareSide has a specialised Fall Prevention program which is very effective in reducing the risk of a fall.

Our Caregivers help Seniors remain active by assisting them in getting from place to place in comfort and safety. Caregivers, when transporting clients, use an appropriate vehicle that Seniors can easily transfer in and out of which includes accommodating mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walkers.


help feeding yourself

Optimal physical and mental health is maintained through a healthy and nutritious diet. 

Quite often Elders have meal plans prescribed by a physician or dietician due to existing medical conditions. We will ensure that they stay on their prescribed diets to prevent or control conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. 

If desired, we can organise for an appropriate meal plan to be developed through one of our nutritionists.

Meals are always more enjoyable with good company, so our Caregivers accompany our clients at mealtime, engaging them while they eat. This supervision ensures that their meal plan is followed and that they receive their proper nutrition. We will report any noticeable weight loss/gain or adverse side effects of their diet.

If they have difficulty feeding themselves, our Caregiver will assist them, and they will make sure that adequate fluids are within the client’s reach and available to them throughout the day.



It is very important that Seniors can move around their home. This normally involves getting in and out of bed, entering and exiting the bath or shower, sitting up and down in chairs, and setting up wheelchairs. 

Proper transferring and positioning reduces the risk of decubitus ulcers (bedsores) and also helps to reduce muscle atrophy while encouraging proper breathing and digestion.

Proper positioning also lowers the risk of falls and injuries and facilitates further movement and exercise.